Portal Postnatal Care Qualification Self Check Online [Forms / Enquiry / Submission]

Suspects of any not genuine Confinement Ladies / Carer / Confinement Centers? Worry about yourself and your newborn on getting a Confinement Lady, or going to any Confinement Centers?

Good news ! All you can do is, online prerequisite checking on all related being trained / qualification / obtained certificates from any Genuine Confinement Ladies / Genuine Confinement Centers. Before you decide a good carer. We wish you good luck and all the best, congratulations on your newborn =)

Postnatal Carer Form

Postnatal Carer / Confinement Ladies submission form to list in the database.

Confinement Centres Form

Confinement Centres applying for listing in database submission form.

Users Enquiry Form

Users / Mothers’ questions form, enquiry form, and feedback form. Feel free to contact us.